Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science learn about Danish IAS

February 15, 2017

A fine visit on a beautiful winter day

On February 9th Co-Director of Danish IAS, Professor Francesco Sannino presented Danish IAS to the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind. It was the first time the minister (whom became minister in November 2016) had the chance to hear about Danish IAS.

Lots of activity on Campus Odense
The minister was presented to some of the university´s newest initiatives – one of them, Danish Institute for advanced study. Professor Sannino told the Minister about how Danish IAS will bring together some of the best researchers across disciplines.

“Cool” was the ministers first reaction when he heard, that Danish IAS is creating an elitist research center, which in time, will be able to recruit the best researchers in the world and hopefully in time get a Nobel prize. The minister thought it was a very interesting idea that the University of Southern Denmark, on the one hand brings together researchers with a very high professionalism and at the same time focus on interdisciplinary.

Finally the Minister said, that he would be there, when the new Danish IAS House opens in May 2019.