Extension to Danish IAS Chair of Humanities and his centre

February 10, 2017

Congrats to Danish IAS Chair of Humanities, Professor Lars Boje Mortensen and the Centre for Medieval Literature.

The Centre for Medieval Literature, also known as CML, is a Centre for Excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. It was funded initially for a six-year period (2012-18) and now extended another four years (2018-22).

The Centre is located at the University of Southern Denmark, Campus Odense and also at the University of York in United Kingdom.

CML works cross-disciplinary with the study of medieval literature from a fully European perspective. CML works with literatures from all of Europe – including texts written in the supra-national “holy” languages Latin, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew.

The Centre expects to publish a literary history of the Middle Age in 2022.
Until 2022 they will regularly publish articles, in their international Open Access journal Interfaces – A Journal of Medieval European Literatures.